It could have gone differently

EV100 theatre project „Story of the century”: co-production of National Library, labyrinth theatre group G9 and VAT Theatre

It is said, that history was written by the winners. Napoleon even said, that history is just bunch of lies, that people have agreed on. This gives us a feeling, that the past is something quite random and fragile. At the same time the understanding of own history influences national identity strongly.

G9 and VAT Theatre lead audience through the maze of National Library in to an alternative reality – into Estonia, where history has a different meaning. New founding fathers have decided, that people should remember only positive and motivating details of our history. And when there isn´t enough positive in the past, then we should think out new epic stories ourselves.

But a young man, Eduard, emerges with a holy mission to tell people only the historical truth. He wants to tell a story about the revolutionary 1930ies. He wants to tell the story of Artur Sirk, a young statesman, who was caught in the crossfire of political corruption and power struggle. Eduard wants to tell about a time, when Estonians were forced to decide, what road to choose as a nation and country.

The new founding fathers aren´t happy with Eduard´s plan. It goes against their main rule: everything can always go differently. But can it? Can we question every historical event or do we have to accept some of it as unshakable facts. How should we remember our past? How should we talk about it? And by the way – who on earth was this Artur Sirk?!

Premier: October 5th 2017 in National Library

NB! The first part of the production is an excursion through the National Library´s building. That means quite a lot of stairs.

NB! Latecomers are not allowed to enter and the ticket money will not be refunded!

Original idea: Indrek Hargla and Aare Toikka
General concept: Aare Toikka, Mihkel Seeder and G9
EXCURSION: Adele Thele Robam, Triin Aas, Kristo Kruusman, Kristel Maamägi, Henry Griin, Mari Mägi, Liis Viira, Keili Retter, Andra Aaloe, Juhan Vihterpal, Markus Robam, Joonatan Jürgenson and others
EXHIBITION: Keili Retter, Ave Tölpt, Tiiu Laur, Henry Griin, Mihkel Seeder, Tiiu Talvist
Authors: Aare Toikka and Mihkel Seeder
Director: Aare Toikka
Designers: Henry Griin and Aare Toikka
Costume designer: Keili Retter
Lighting designer: Sander Põllu
Composer: Ardo Ran Varres
Choreograph: Marge Ehrenbusch
Choir: National Library´s women´s choir (conductor: Anneli Surva)
Cast: Katrin Saukas, Elina Reinold, Meelis Põdersoo, Tanel Saar, Margo Teder, Ago Soots
Photographer: Siim Vahur