LADY MACBETH -----------

Who is Lady Macbeth? Is she a gentle woman or a power-hungry, manipulating monster? The Lady is supporting her husband in every way but also knows how to manipulate him. On the surface everything is fine, ideal even, but something is lacking in that relationship.

The prophecies of witches give hope to the Lady that her simple and human wish to be happy might come true – if only she gained the necessary power. And the Lady wants to be very very happy... This makes her abandon her femininity and to take action. Murder gives birth to fear and fear leads to yet another murder. The blood is flowing, people are disappearing, her confidence is growing and every following act becomes easier to perform. It does not matter whether the victim is a loved leader, a family friend or an innocent child, blood yearns for blood, and all of them are equally standing in the way of her happiness.

But at a certain moment the limit gets reached and the blood can not be washed from hands any more. Can a person break such a circle?

At the time when Shakespeare wrote his „Macbeth” tragedy, England was ruled by King James I who believed and feared witchcraft. Witches were popular figures during Shakespeare’s time and modern people have also not escaped their spell. People have turned their backs to god and have started seeking support from other powers. The world of witchcraft is mysterious and alluring. Why are the all-powerful witches interested in the grey mass of humanity?

The production is based on W. Shakespeare’s play „Macbeth” and on Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Premiere: 19th of December 2017 at the National Library Theatre Hall

The performance is in one act and runs for 1 hour and 45 minutes

NB! Latecomers are not allowed to enter and the ticket money will not be refunded!

Translators: Jaan Kross and Harald Rajamets
Director: Margo Teder
Set designer: Pille Jänes
Video designer: Peeter Ritso
Sound designer: Ago Soots
Lighting designer: Triin Hook
Cast: Elina Reinold, Ago Soots and Margo Teder
Photographer: Siim Vahur (Tallinn City Theatre)