Suicide mission in one act

Two Estonian soldiers are sent on a dangerous mission. They need to find a colonel from a rain forest who, according to the tales, has lost his mind in his primeval surroundings and killed all his comrades.

Wolfram Lotz, one of the most successful German playwrights of the recent years, found his inspiration from Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness and from Francis Ford Coppola’s movie Apocalypse Now, and wrote a scandalous play that weaves together the migrant crisis, NATO missions and the white man’s savior complex. It is a dark world where it is almost impossible to find one’s way. So dark and scary that is slowly becomes funny. These two Estonian soldiers are hoping to return from their mission in once piece. However, that journey is not meant to have such a bright ending ...

This is not a story about hopelessness. On the contrary – Lotz has deep belief in theatre. And this is exactly why the unusual form of his play provides a decent challenge for everyone who dares to dive headfirst into that darkness.

Author: Wolfram Lotz
Director: Christian Römer (Germany)
Translator and dramaturg: Mihkel Seeder
Designer: Iir Hermeliin
Lighting designer: Sander Põllu
Video designer: Arne Vogelgesang (Germany)
Choreographer: Marge Ehrenbusch
Cast: Jaak Prints, Tanel Saar, Margo Teder, Ago Soots
Photographer: Siim Vahur (Tallinn City Theatre)