Cool-epic (inspired by Fr.R.Kreutzwald).

Collaboration with VAT Theatre and Markus Zohner Theater Compagnie.

KALEVIPOEG is a hero, KALEVIPOEG is a myth, KALEVIPOEG is a national epic. Now KALEVIPOEG is also play full of physical movement, humour, irony and poetry.

The hero is a giant who becomes king by throwing a stone. He builds towns, he rapes and kills, revenges and ploughs. Eventually he succeeds in his most important goal – he defeats the devil. When everything has been achieved, what is to follow? Crisis, and a trip to the end of the world.

From this epic tale, four Estonian actors and a Swiss director have created a unique performance. The piece covers topics reflecting on human life using theatre, fantasy, history, comedy and poetry in an unimaginable combination.

This production has toured successfully in 11 countries in Europe and beyond.
The production is created under the artistic direction of Markus Zohner´s Theatre Compagnie. It is based on the Estonian National epic of the same title. M. Zohner is an actor, director and drama teacher; he has performed with Theater Compagnie for more than 12 years at many different festivals and theatres all over the world.

Duration: 1 h 30minutes. No intermission.
Premiere : 30 November 2003 in Tallinn City Theatre.

Director: Markus Zohner (Switzerland)
Assistant: Kirke Org
Performers: Katariina Lauk, Tanel Saar, Janek Sarapson and Margo Teder