I swim in my tiny oasis and I know that it would be silly to leave because on each side there is a desert.

There is a door. Behind it – a room. A man, Hikikomori, lives there. That room is also inhabited by that man’s inner world. The outer world is outside, and this man has no connection with it. One day he wakes up and realises that he stinks. He remembers that earlier he didn’t. He can’t remember what happened before, when he didn’t stink. Now he wants to know. In order to do that he establishes contact with the outer world through chat rooms. Soon he wants to leave his room, but this is no longer an easy task.

The well-known Austrian playwright Schober Holger’s play “Hikikomori” is a story about a man who has lived in his room for eight years. He has reduced contact with the society to minimum. He has made himself resistant to the expectations of the society. He has enclosed himself to isolation as a protest to the world which he finds uninhabitable.

About the author:

Schober Holger was born in 1976. He graduated as an actor from Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. Since then he as worked as an actor and director in numerous theatres, participated in award-winning films (Die Fälscher, Mein Russland). In 2001 he was nominated The Heidelberger Award both in acting and writing categories. “Hikikomori” was a nominated for the Faust Award in 2008 and for the German youth and children’s theatre festival award Augenblick Mal in 2009. Within two years (2009-2010) various theatres have produced seven of his plays. 

Photographer: Rait Avestik

Duration: 1h 20 min. No intermission.
Premiere:  8 October 2010 in National Library Tower Hall

Author: Schober Holger (Austria)
Translator: Vahur Aabrams
Director: Margo Teder
Designer: Kaspar Jancis
Performers: Meelis Põdersoo, Kadri Adamson, Anne Veesaar