An open recording.

This production has at least two important theatre historical levels. Firstly – the technical aspects. The frame of this production is Beckett’s “Krapp’s Last Tape” where old Krapp listens to his inner monologues he spoke and recorded in his youth. “... Last Tape/ Saar’s First Tape” production team attempts to be faithful to the author – Tanel Saar, who is an actor the same age as young Krapp, records what can be heard in Beckett’s play. The old Krapp listens to these recordings 30 years later. Therefore the premiere of “Krapp’s Last Tape” will take place in VAT Theatre in autumn 2040, and it will be performed by Tanel Saar. There are numerous public recordings planned. The most successful one will be deposited in Estonian Theatre and Music Museum until 2040. The consultants in 2040 will still be Aare Toikka and Rait Avestik. If, however, this is not possible, the tasks will be carried out be people whose names can be found with the deposited recording. The production in 2040 will only be cancelled in case the actor Tanel Saar is not be able to perform. 

On the other hand, this is Tanel Saar’s theatrical retrospect and forward view in the context of his profession. In an honest and partly also self-consciously ironic statement Saar turns to Jüri Järvet in search for help and support. This meeting is facilitated by the work of the video and lighting designer. How exactly will Saar and Järvet’s real meeting take place, will be seen in the performance. Saar attempts to answer the rhetorical question – what is actually important? Will Saar actually find the thing he is looking for with this production or open recording, is yet unknown. The production team believes that the planned metaphysical and metatheatrical voyage will provide all answers.

The aim is to attempt to cover Beckett’s “Krapp’s Last Tape”. It will probably happen more intertextually than usual. May the almighty be merciful!

Photographer: Rait Avestik

Duration: 1 h.No intermission.
Premiere: 8 September 2010 in Tartu at Estonian Theatre Festival.

Conception: Tanel Saar
Performers: Tanel Saar, Hanna Allsaar (T-theatre)
Consultants: Rait Avestik, Aare Toikka