"Angel, angel, take me to heaven,
I’ll put bells around your neck,
tie a sledge behind your back..."

A 20-year-old girl is sentenced for a lifetime in prison. Years pass, she gets amnesty and becomes free. This is a strange story of love and fragments of happiness. It reflects on 14 years of a relationship between a prisoner and her guard.

Is it worth to sacrificing a little bit of happiness to achieve high ideals?

Peeter: What about you – are you happy?
Maria: Yes.
Peeter: And you never regret that fourteen years of your life are gone for ever? The most beautiful years.
Maria: Of course I regret it! And I will revenge it! And when I’ve revenged, I’ll be happy!

Photographer: Siim Vahur

Duration: 2 h 20 min. One intermission.
Premiere: 3rd February in National Library Theatre Hall

Author: Andrus Kivirähk
Director: Aare Toikka
Set Designer: Iir Hermeliin (Tallinn City Theatre)
Video Designer: Taavi Varm
Performers: Katariina Lauk, Marko Matvere