Political thriller.

A young journalist Hanka visits a retired military counterintelligence colonel Stefan Kolodziej. She wants to get information on the officer who has had a contradictory life. But Stefan has other plans: he wants to tell his story that is oddly bound with journalist’s life.

What is the mysterious event in the past connecting the fates of the young journalist and the old intelligence officer? Will the retired colonel find his Nuremberg?

In his interview to the journal Dialog, the author says: “The story of Nuremberg – as this is the title of the play, not Gent, Antwerp, Yokohama or Calcutta – hardly touches the topic of special services. I was interested in the psychological process, the relationship between persons, as well as their relationship with the history of the People’s Republic of Poland. The latter is especially interesting, even exotic, because even if many are dealing with this issue, it is still unknown for us. I was not so interested in special services, but in the mechanism of manipulation which, to top it all, is used without any reason. But in order to manipulate someone, you don’t have to be an intelligence officer. We can see every day that our public life is some kind of a ghostly theatre of illusions, a complete fiction. I then decided to write a play of a monster who is playing with a life of another person. There are such people among us and they have not left with our “beloved” People’s Republic." It is an exciting Polish story touching not only the Polish. This story is about us, too.

About the author: Wojciech Tomczyk was born in 1960 in Warsaw. He has studied theatre science in Warsaw and screenwriting in Lodz. He has written plays, film and TV scripts. His first play – The Vampire – was staged in 2003 at the Zabrze Teatr Nowy  and won the Grand Prix of the 3rd Polish Modern Drama Festival "Reality". Nuremberg was premiered in 2006 at the Polish National Theatre. Tomczyk has been awarded the Polish National Award for Nuremberg.

Photographer: Priit Grepp

Duration: 2 h and 40 minutes. One intermission.
18 April 2008 in National Library Theatre Hall

Author: Wojciech Tomczyk (Poland)
Translator: Hendrik Lindepuu
Director: Aare Toikka
Designer: Hardi Volmer
Performers: Aarne Üksküla, Katariina Lauk, Tiina Rebane