Pure comedy.

Running away from their shopaholic wives, Helmut, Eroll and Lars hide themselves into the formal heating room of a shopping centre. This forgotten room becomes their secret hiding place. Every Saturday just before the shopping tour is over, without their wives knowing a thing, they get together there. Besides cans of bear, TV and technology-talk, they elevate their mood with pizza and football. This idyll of the men is ruined by the fire safety specialist Mario who discovers the hiding place of their manhood and threatens to reveal their secret and eliminate their hiding place.

To a Critic´s Mind: "This play is the best trashy comedy with polished, thoughtful dialogues, plenty of situation comedy, something to ponder over and first and foremost good man roles for four actors. The viewer is sure to symphathize with four guys in trouble with their wives´ shopping habits. The hiding place of the clever men becomes "an emergency apartment" when the wives react to their contempt towards shopping." Magdeburger Volksstimme. 

About the Producer: Chirstian Römer has become VAT Theater´s very own producer. Currently he is working on his third project in Estonia and yet again at VAT Theater. Both his last two plays have been remarkable: the premiere of "God is a DJ" (2001) celebrated the opening of Theatre hall of the National Library of Estonia; and his "Shockheaded Peter" (2003), in cooperation with the Kuressaare´s City Theater, pushed the boundaries of theater and shook the spectator. This time Römer suprises the Estonian audience with a witty comedy – and once again his play will mark the opening of a new theatre hall in Viru Center.

About the author: Kristof Magnusson was born in 1976 in Hamburg. He studied church music in the Northelbian Evangelical-Lutheran Church. He attended civil service in New York doing social work with homeless people and survivors of the Holocaust. Magnusson has studied at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig, at the Berlin University of the Arts and at Reykjavik University.

Photographer: Siim Vahur

Duration: 2 h and 30 minutes. One intermission.
Premiere: 21 October 2006 in Viru Center`s theater

Author: Kristof Magnusson (Germany)
Translator: Eili Heinmets
Director: Christian Römer (Germany)
Designer: Kathrin Hegedüsch (Germany)
Performers: Raivo E. Tamm, Tanel Saar, Janek Joost and Margo Teder