A story about school - about teachers and students.

Lately Germany´s most popular play, Klamm´s War is a harsh text about school relationships on the teacher-student level, using the role of the teacher for the in-depth examination of one of the drastic cases. The play is partly interactive, each time being born in co-operation between the actors and the audience.

Teacher Klamm faces the class who has put her under a boycott of silence. Their fellow student had missed one point of the grade, unfortunately exactly this fraction of a point had cost him the chance to be admitted to the university. The teacher had refused to give him this necessary credit point as the student had not deserved it. The young man committed suicide and the fellow students see the teacher to be responsible for that.

Is there a solution to this problem? Is the teacher guilty? Is the student guilty for putting a rope around his neck because of a trifling point? Who is guilty? Is anyone guilty at all? Is the headmaster Mr Erkner guilty because he wears a gun in his breast pocket for his own safety? Is the whole school system, the Ministry of Education, the government, George Bush, God Almighty or Mephistopheles  guilty? Or is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whose "Faust" teacher Klamm has to cover with the silent class,  guilty? Will they break the wall of silence or does the teacher have to leave?

Kai Hensel´s play investigates the causes of violence in the system characterized with addiction and suppression.

Photographer: Rait Avestik

Duration: 2 h. No intermission.
Premiere: 5 April 2005 in National Library Theatre Hall.

Author: Kai Hensel (Germany)
Director: Aare Toikka
Designer: Karmo Mende
Performers: Marika Vaarik and Margo Teder