A straightforward story about That.

The story is about a 14-year-old Mirjam with the question “Do I really EXIST?” Mirjam, living in the Neverland of a brand new design house, with her Mother being just an on-line friend, her Dad equalling a bank transfer and Grandma appearing to be an unexpected messenger from the beyond, finds That to be the question of life and death. But the answer to her big question lies in a whole different place than where she has been looking for it. And in reality the world is nothing like it may first seem to be.

Photographer: Priit Grepp 

Duration: 1 h. No intermission.
Premiere: 5 February 2007 in National Library Theatre Hall

Author: Eva Koff
Directors: Katrin Nielsen and Aare Toikka
Designer: Inga Vares
Music Designer: Aavo Ulvik
Video and animation: Kadri Karu
Movement: Mari Mägi
Performers: Kadi Jaanisoo, Piret Soosaar, Mari-Liis Velberg , Ragnar Toompuu, Mari Mägi or Katrin Nielsen