One bench. Two stories.

These stories are the final assignments of two students of Estonian Music and Theatre Academia, Uku Uusberg and Robert Annus. The supervisor of the class is Ingo Normet.

Robert Annus: “The essence of Winter is not that common. To the man of the specific latitude it is inborn. Mr. Fosse has mainly written drama, but also short stories, poetry and books for children. You can recognize him from the use of short sentences.”

Uku Uusberg: “Likely never to be out of date, this play is the first for us to direct. On Albee\'s part the idea of the story is great: a abnormally long and exciting meeting of two men on a park bench.  Directing-wise the story leaves a lot to play with: the long dialogue is without any strict and determining remarks. Having something to explore is a good thing... The sad part is that back then something impelled the author to write such a story... and years later, we boldly want to float around in this bubble of pain, hurray...If we wouldn\'t understand it, we wouldn\'t want to. The existence of The Zoo Story is such a good and such a sad thing.”

Duration: 2 h and 15 minutes. One intermission.
Premiere: 20 September 2007 in
the National Library Theatre Hall

Act 1 J. Fosse "Winter"
Directed by Robert Annus
Performers: Katariina Lauk, Robert Annus
Act 2 E. Albee "The Zoo Story"
Directed by Uku Uusberg
Performers: Margus Prangel (Estonian Drama Theatre), Alo Kõrve (Tallinn City Theatre)