An adventurous story for boys and girls. Collaboration-project with Teater TRE.

Flight Over The Ocean, a story written by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht and staged by the German director Bengt Anderssoni is an adventurous story about the world-famous American pilot. It is an exciting, funny and touching play for the whole family.

It is the year 1927. A man in a leather helmet and safety goggles is on his way to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a plane specially constructed for the occasion. Before him, no one has succeeded. He starts off from New York. Until now, people have regarded going to a trip like this in such a fragile aircraft too risky an action. Charles Lindbergh proves the opposite to the whole world. Fighting with the Fog, Snowstorm and Sleep, the young pilot achieves something that was first thought to be impossible – he lands with his aircraft called Spirit of St. Louis near Paris. The 25-year old shy man has become a hero.

Judger’s opinion:
Two actors, few words and much action – this is how ideal theatre for children is made. Just as much equipment as needed. This is how the actor comes to the foreground, presenting the pristine power and magic of theatre to children.
Andres Laasik
High-spirited over-the-ocean Brecht (Eesti Päevaleht 05 September 2001)

Duration: 50 minutes. No intermission.
1 September 2001 in Tallinn City Theatre.

Author: Bertolt Brecht
Translator: Saale Uusmaa
Director: Bengt Andersson (Teater TRE, Stockholm)
Plane constructor: Raul Õitspuu
Performers: Katariina Lauk and Tanel Saar