Tusk Tusk” is a story about three children who wait for their mother in a flat for ten days. Over the course of these days the children’s relationships, power games, fears and secrets are revealed. It is a story about a contemporary broken family, about hope and about children’s endless ability to excuse their parents for anything. This text is about the will to believe the best of people and to see something good even in really difficult situations.

Polly Stenham (born in 1987) is a young British playwright. She has written two plays: her debut “That Face” followed by “Tusk Tusk”. Both have been directed by Jeremy Herrin in Royal Court Theatre (“That Face” in 2007, “Tusk Tusk” in 2009) and acclaimed great success. The playwright was awarded for her debut Evening Standard, Critics’ Circle and Theatre Management Association awards. In Estonia her plays are yet undiscovered and neither of them have been staged so far.

Auri Jürna
is a third year directing student at Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. “Tusk Tusk” is her first public work as a director with a professional cast. Before Drama School Auri graduated from Tartu University with a degree in Estonian literature and drama, she has also worked as an editor, critic, journalist and event organiser. Directing “Tusk Tusk” has been especially important for Auri because it gives her an opportunity to discover the borders of childhood and adult life, and to take a closer look at the relationships of brothers and sisters.

Photographer: Siim Vahur

Duration: 2h 30 minutes. One intermission.
Premiere: March 25, 2011 in
National Library Theatre Hall.

Author: Polly Stenham
Transator, director: Auri Jürna (Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre)
Designer: Liina Unt
Light designer: Triin Hook
Performers: Marko Leht, Jekaterina Nikolajeva, Tõnn Lamp (Tallinn City Theatre) and Liis Lass (Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre)