Psychological thriller.

England in the 60’s. The Beatles, the sexual revolution, Cold War... A quiet office worker kidnaps a young woman and imprisons her in a cellar of an old country house. The office worker likes to collect butterflies, he also loves the girl... or is she merely another specimen in his collection? Some weeks before her death she writes in her secret diary:

December 2
This morning I imagined that I was out and he was on trial. I stepped up for him. I said that his case is tragic, that he needs compassion and a psychiatrist’s help. Forgiveness. I didn’t do this out of nobility. I despise him too much to hate him.

“The Collector” is John Fowles’s sensational insight into the dark corners and bright peaks of the human soul. This is a clash between two worlds, and a strange affection between the kidnapper and the kidnapped.

Photographer: Siim Vahur

Duration: 2 h 20 minutes. One intermission.
Premiere: March 31, 2012 in National Library Theatre Hall.

Author: John Fowles
Adapted by: Diana Leesalu (Drama School of Estonia Academy of Music and Theatre)
Director: Peeter Raudsepp
Designer: Maret Kukkur
Performers: Marilyn Jurman and Margo Teder
Light designer: Madis Kirkmann