For smart audiences.

Prospero is a sorcerer who lives on a desert island with his daughter Miranda. Prospero can command the forces of the nature because his books contain all the knowledge of the world. But he has not ended up on that island voluntarily – he was a victim of a conspiracy. One day his worst enemies sail past the island. Prospero brings about a storm which causes the ship to wreck, and his enemies are at his mercy. What does he use the knowledge of the world for?
This production of visual theatre is about the power of knowledge and secrets of first love.

Photographer: Priit Grepp

Duration: 1 hour. No intermission.
October 7, 2005 in National Library Theatre Hall

Author: William Shakespeare
Translator: Jaan Kross
Director: Bengt Andersson
Designer: Liina Keevallik
Performers: Kaia Skoblov, Tanel Saar, Margo Teder, Janek Sarapson and Mart Kampus