The story is about two B-league football team benchwarmers, Mischa and Chrigel. They have waited for their chance to hit the pitch for the whole season and dreamed about becoming the main players. Both boys live for football, but nothing has happened so far and just to sit – it’s unbearably difficult!

The game of football is a symbol for the game of life, the destiny of the boys echoes the cruelty of society based on competition. You won’t get a shot! The whole world seems to consist of two categories of people – those on the pitch and the others on the bench.

„Kick and Rush“ was Andri Beyerler’s break-through as a playwright. The young Swiss studied drama theory at Bern University and began writing at an early age – he was writing song lyrics already before becoming a teenager. He was successful in Hamburg Thalia Theatre young authors’ meeting in 2002 and as a resident author in Mannheim National Theatre (during the season of 2002/2003) as well as Stuttgart National Theatre (season 2003/2004).

Photographer: Priit Grepp

Duration: 70 minutes. No intermission.
Premiere: October 28, 2005 in Tallinn Art Hall. 

Author: Andri Beyeler (Switzerland)
Translator: Heli Meisterson
Director: Kadi Tudre
Designer: Marge Martin
Performers: Margo Teder, Andres Karu, Tanel Saar