A deadly serious comedy.

Urmas Vadi’s play „I’ll See You in the Trumpet“ is a deadly serious comedy. Slightly over middle-aged triplet sisters have escaped a nursing home and have settled in a chicken cote near the Estonian-Latvian border. It is a place where they can spend time with each other uninterrupted. This is important because nobody has ever been able to see Eliisabet – hence the conflicts with other people in the nursing home and the escape of the sisters.

Paul, a social worker from the nursing home is coming to take the sisters back. But his plans are interrupted. Another visitor arrives – senjor Hansen who has wonderful powers and whose arrival the sisters have been secretly expecting for a long time. Miracles may happen. Questions might arise. Do some people really have an ability to see what others cannot? Or is it just a daemonic obstinacy and shadows on the wall of the cave? And would we be able to accept or tolerate people and worlds we cannot see or feel?

Photographer: Priit Grepp

Duration: 2 hours. One intermission.
Premiere: April 1, 2004 in National Library Theatre Hall.

Author: Urmas Vadi
Director: Urmas Vadi
Designer: Liina Unt
Music by Pastacas
Performers: Ines Aru, Silvia Laidla, Andrus Vaarik, Janek Sarapson, Elgitha Zeno or Katariina Lauk