Collaboration between Goethe Institute and VAT Theatre.

The man was a DJ who had worked in dance clubs. He had made the atmosphere into music, sounds: he was the god of techno world. The woman worked in a music television station, she was on the screen every day. All of this happened before their joint project: reality as a work of art, everyday life in their own apartment. This was rubbish and installation at the same time, a performance project with a video camera and life feed to the internet.
The camera is off only when they make love. The Man is The Woman. The Woman is The Man. Art is Life. Life is Art. God is a DJ.

Premiere: October 5,  2001 in National Library Theatre

Author: Falk Richter (Germany)
Translator: Eili Heinmets
Director: Christian Römer (Germany)
Sound designer Raul Saaremets
Set and costume designers: Karmo Mende and Mare Kõrtsini
Performers: Elgitha Zeno, Heidy Purga ja Margo Teder