A play with guitars and police.

„The Stones“ is a play about two boys from Melbourne. We’ll let them speak for themselves.

Shy Boy (13): The next morning I tried to be completely normal. My mum said I could stay at home. I said I’m ok and made myself have breakfast as a normal child does before going to school. Then I thought that the police might be waiting for me there. And mum said I look really nervous this morning. I took my bike on the street. The neighbour said good morning, he’s always so friendly.

I rode half way to school and got off the bike next to the pile of stones. I couldn’t help it, I just cried and cried because I didn’t know what to do. I knew I couldn’t be normal again. I thought about escaping. He looked at me, he almost didn’t move, only looked at me and was quiet. Then he told me to get in the car, that we should be good and go to the police.

Yahoo (15): „Get out,“ he says. We step out of the car at the gate of a special school. We both go to the principal’s office. My mum fills in a form and tells him what I’ve done. The principal looks at me as if I was a piece of shit. „You’re in deep trouble, aren’t you?“ he says. „All right, here you must keep away from all your evil plans.“ „Yes, sir“, I say... I meet the boys. „Pay me 40 cent and I’ll do it, „ „Listen, 40 cent...“ „You said you’d pay...“ I’m calling from a booth... „Hello, is this my old... is this the school?“ „I have a very important message... There’s a big bomb hidden in your school!“

Premiere: March 15, 2001 in Räpina Community Centre. 

Author: Tom Lycos/Stefo Nantsou
Translator: Laur Lomper
Director: Aare Toikka
Designer: Karmo Mende
Performers: Tõnu Oja, Tanel Saar & Mart Soo