Crazy beating or tragicomedy in an ale house.

A court story by Shakespeare, full of intrigues, telling young and old people about things that can separate lovers. This play that is following Shakespeare's approach to theatre - make it understandable for the crowds -  should reach the soul of viewers through many barriers.

DIRECTOR: Shakespeare created a play that is a great example of possible reality and fairy tale. VAT Theatre takes from the play only one line - the story about separating the lovers. And England that is depicted as a mystical and conditional place, becomes a jovial ale house.  Well, let's enjoy … the bear, too.

The play was named one of the best Estonian plays of the last two decades at the Draama 99 festival.
With this play, VAT Theatre and its supporters want to celebrate the 400 years of opening the Shakespeare's famous theatre "GLOBE".

Premiere: June 5, 1998 in the atrium of the House of the Blackheads.
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes. One intermission.
Author: William Shakespeare
Translator: Georg Meri
Director: Rein Agur
Designer: Liina Pihlak
Composer: Rivo Laasi
Performers: Haide Männamäe, Tanel Saar, Aare Toikka, Margo Teder, Janek Sarapson or Taavi Pedriks and the musician Rivo Laasi