Forum was the centre in Ancient Rome where important topics were discussed. Forum Theatre is one part of Augusto Boal’s system of The Theatre of the Oppressed created in the 1960’s.

Forum conflict story mediates oppression, where the protagonist is trying to fulfil his dream without success. At first, the unsuccessful situation is played out. This is followed by a discussion with the audience. The discussion is facilitated by the Joker. The performers and the Joker are like social researchers who help to find a solution for that specific story. The aim of the performance is to create a space where dialogue can take place.

For 13 years VAT Forum Group has been an inseparable part of VAT Theatre. This time the entire cast and back office team is taking part of the forum performance. It will be a very exciting event!

Three contemporary stories are presented. The audience and performers will have an opportunity to change the course of action. These stories were found by Iwan Brioc, who is an experienced forum theatre practitioner from Wales.

Forum Theatre is the meeting point of theatre and community work. Theatre and play are present in every person. They give us a chance to dream and to discover the possibility of change.

The Joker: Margo Teder
Performers: Katariina Ratasepp, Mari-Liis Velberg, Inga Sermann, Tiiu Talvist, Meelis Põdersoo, Ago Soots, Pille Kose, Agnes Merilo ja Anne- Liis Rips