Platform 11+ co-production “FACE ME – Time of Transition”

"Black Stone"

In June 2012 VAT Theatre performer Ago Soots and designer Inga Vares participated in the making of Platform 11+ international co-production “FACE ME – Time of Transition”. The rehearsal process took place in Pilsen, Czech Republic in the framework of 29th Škupova Festival. Over 30 theatre makers from 12 theatres formed three companies. Over the three-week collaborative process they each created an original youth production which is now performed in the participating countries.

The company formed by Hungarians, English, Estonians and Finns involved additionally 15 Czech students in their production “Black Stone”. The production observes a young person in unexpected situations that border friendship and love, where a joke becomes seriousness, and where game becomes real life. The school as an environment was an integral part of the rehearsal space and the performance venue.
In October and November 2012 the performances take place in Budapest and London schools, in February 2013 “Black Stone” is shown in Oulu and Tallinn. In each performance place the school youth is involved in the performance. The partner school in Estonia is Tallinn Lilleküla Gymnasium.

Premiere: June 18, 2012. Pilsen, Gymnázium Frantiska Krizíka.
Shows in Tallinn: February 5, 2013, Oulu: February 8, 2013.

Directors: Alex Evans (United Kingdom) and György Vidovszky (Hungary)
Dramaturgist: Péter Horváth (Hungary), István Tasnádi (Hungary) and Richard Hurford (United Kingdom)
Designers: Inga Vares and Patrick Bullock (United Kingdom)
Performers: Ago Soots, Annina Rokka (Finland), Mikko Korsulainen (Finland) and Rita Alexics (Hungary)