TSAR SALTAN ------------

Spectacle in verse

This production is based on Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin’s „The Tale of Tsar Saltan“, written in 1831. It tells a story about love and challenges to overcome in the search for happiness, about friendship and great feelings.

This adventurous verse fairytale is performed by VAT Theatre cast and they have dramaturg Auri Jürna to help them on their journey. The production also includes acrobatic tricks, wonderous magic, video and great humour.

The verse translatsions to Estonian are by Kalju Kangur and Felix Kotta, which adds an exciting layer of literary rhythm play to the production.
All in all, this is a fast-paced and visually engaging fairytale that attempts to offer equally exciting expierences to children as well as adults.

Duration: 1 h 20 minutes. No intermission.
Premiere: May 18, 2013 in National Library Tower Hall

Photographer: Siim Vahur

Author: Aleksandr Puškin
Concept by: Tanel Saar
Dramaturg: Auri Jürna
Set designer: Pille Kose
Lighting designer: Sander Põllu
Musical designer: Ago Soots
Choreographer: Marge Ehrenbusch
Stage manager: Raul Õitspuu
Technical adviser: Enar Tarmo (Von Krahl Theatre)
Cast: Liisa Pulk, Margo Teder, Tanel Saar, Ago Soots, Meelis Põdersoo
Photographer: Siim Vahur