It is a story about two people…a boy and a girl….
About their last moment together full of love and care.
And about a third who will come and take one of them with him … to the other end of the world…to a place where there is no return from. It is Pompenia.
Maybe it is a story about all the beautiful things that a relationship between humans offers. We attach to our companions and do not consider that both still have their Own Way to walk.  
You will be met halfway, right?
A beautiful story about loss and care by a young German dramatist was chosen to 7 best original children and youth plays in Germany in 1997. 

Duration of the play: 50 min.
Genre: fairy game
Target group: from 12 and up

Premiere on November 2, 2001 in the Theatre Hall of the National Library.

Director: Mart Kampus
Translator: Lisette Kampus
Set Designer: Anne-Mai Heimola
Sound Designer: Lea Peterson
Choreographer: Kristina Paškevicius
Actors: Elgitha Zeno or Eva Püssa and Janek Sarapson