A post-theatrical experience

What will remain when a journey is over? Which experiences should be shared with others? POP I'd like to share is strongly focused on space, and places equal attention to all the elements of the production, letting one of them take the lead after the other. There's space, there's sound, there's video, there's light – there's everything! How much do we need for a theatrical spectacle to be born, and what are the elements the audience has to experience / see / witness? What happens when the curtain closes?

Why POP? The concept of “pop” clearly defines our day – if not through the exact words, then through the feeling recognisable by the audience. The words are repeated, and it is he rhythm that remains. Pop values the possibility of living in the moment, and reacting to one's surroundings through indisputeable connections created here and now. The challenge is to remain in the moment, and not to go down in history. 

“I come home, turn on the telly, read emails, listen to music, look at videos, inhale vast quantities of news, but still have the feeling that something is missing.” (Or I do all those things at the same  time. Or do nothing at all...)

Attention! Strobe-like lighting and smoke machine are used in the production. 

Duration: 50 min. Premiere: May 17 in National Library Tower Hall

Photographer: Siim Vahur 

Concept, production, technical realization: Sander Põllu and Henri Hütt
On stage: Tanel Saar
Original music, musical design: Roland Karlson
Technical support: Raul Õitspuu