The protagonist of this ve
rse drama is the shepherd Brand. That strictly fanatical man with an iron will and a cold mind lives by the motto “All or nothing”, and can be recognised as a true tragic hero. Ibsen places Brand amongst his fellows who are worthy of being upbraided for their tepidity, dullness, one-sidedness, apathy and materialism. His fellow countrymen lack wings and everyone has been overtaken by their cowardly egoism. Brand, on the other hand, is ready to sacrifice everything to his ideals, including himself. Even the death of his wife and his child cannot distract him from performing his duty to his congregation. 

Brand stays true to himself even when dying in an avalanche; addressing God with his last breath, he asks whether one's will is enough to gain absolution. He gets his answer in the sound of thunder: “Deus caritas est” - God is love. With his iron will and immutable belief, he lacks the quality that stands above them both: he lacks love.

Henrik Ibsen's masterpiece Brand finds its way to the Estonian stage for the first time, having that exact fresh feel in modern Estonia as it had in the 19th century Stockholm where the play was first staged. In Ibsen's work, the monumental Brand stands as the complimentary antipole to Peer Gynt.

Premiere: September 16, 2014 in National Library Theatre Hall 

Estonian Theatre Union Awards 2015:

Katariina Unt – Award for the best supporting actress
Agnes in Brand

* Pille Jänes – Award for the best designer 
Designs for Brand, Dead Souls (Tallinn City Theatre) and Middle Game Strategy(Estonian Drama Theatre)

* Sigrid Tooming and Paul-Eerik Rummo – Award named after ALEKSANDER KURTNA 

For the interpretation of Henrik Ibsen's Brand

Photographer: Siim Vahur 

Author: Henrik Ibsen
Translators: Sigrid Tooming ja Paul-Eerik Rummo
Director: Ingo Normet
Designer: Pille Jänes
Light designer: Margus Ruhno
Cast: Ivo Uukkivi (Eesti Draamateater), Katariina Unt, Tiia Kriisa, Liisa Pulk, Tanel Saar, Margo Teder, Ago Soots and Meelis Põdersoo