Small town boys are ..........

Mell and Kõiv are friends who met 15 years ago in Jõgeva. They attended the same school, studied under same teachers, shared their friends, games and from a certain point, also a common dream - to become an actor. 

Now they are both thirty years old. They are actors. Living in Tallinn. They are still friends and they still dream. And although they are both a bit tired and a bit lazy and have gotten a bit too comfortable, things are actually all right. Because they see each other often.

One of them is long and thin, the other one short and wide. Like Big Peter and Small Peter. Like Rob and Bob - great friends who do everything together. Like Achilles and Patroclus, like Thomas More and the Erasmus of Rotterdam, like Marx and Engels, like Chip 'n' Dale, like Ping and Pong...

But things can't really continue like this any more. That's what the gut feeling says. In both of them. But how does one continue when the old ways have been worn out and new paths have not been trodden in yet? In some personally special way? As oneself? But what is "personal"? And what is "oneself"? Who are Mell and Kõiv, really?

Author- directors: Meelis Põdersoo ja Martin Kõiv
Choreographer- director: Kristjan Rohioja
Dramaturg: Christian Aun
Designer: Pille Kose
Light: Triin Hook
On stage: Meelis Põdersoo ja Martin Kõiv