"There are so many people I could have met on the sea, right? And then ... someone who doesn’t speak my language. Nor whose language I can speak. And on top of everything he attacks me! This is absurd." The only aspect our production has in common Daniel Defoe’s novel “Robinson Crusoe” is that two men meet on a restricted territory in the middle of an ocean. They don’t speak each other’s language. They are enemies.

Photographer: Siim Vahur

Duration: 1h 30 minutes. No intermission.
Premiere: 27 November 2009 in National Library
Theatre Hall

Authors: Nino d`Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio
Translator: Kirke Org
Director: Aare Toikka
Designer: Kaspar Jancis
Light designer: Triin Hook
Musical Designer: Ago Soots
Stage Fighting coach: Tanel Saar
Performers: Ago Soots, Meelis Põdersoo