Selected mirages of happiness

The novelist Gailit's story is quite simple. A young man from a beach village sets out to find happiness. He finds no such thing, he loses hope, arrives back home and what do you know - he finds happiness right there. The storyline could be viewed as a fairytale road movie, yet it is very reflective of our current sociological issue of emigration.

Our version of "Ekke Moor" in 2015 is very much based on movement, it is an active and playful tale with clichés about the life, dreams and fears of an Estonian. We experiment with folk dance patterns in movement, mix music and nature sounds, and play with all possible design elements. With the students of Estonian Academy of Music and Drama we bring Ekke in the forefront and observe his incapability of letting go of his true feelings. The main theme of the production is reflected in Gailit's question: "A mask can be taken off and changed, but how does one change their soul?"

The production is a collaboration between Estonian Academy of Music and Drama, Kuressaare City Theatre and VAT Theatre.

Premiere: July 30, 2015 in Kuressaare Sadamaait

Performances in Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn) take place in October and November 2015.

Author: August Gailit
Adapted and directed by: Aare Toikka
Designer: Iir Hermeliin
Musical designer: Ardo-Ran Varres
Choreographer: Kristjan Rohioja
Fight choreographer: Tanel Saar
Lighting designer: Sander Põllu
Cast: Jürgen Gansen, Markus Habakukk, Ester Kuntu, Karl Laumets, Karmo Nigula, Saara Nüganen, Lauli Otsar, Ott Raidmets, Christopher Rajaveer, Liisa Saaremäel and Risto Vaidla
Tutors: Peeter Raudsepp and Katariina Unt