Waiters were important people back in the day, in the Soviet times. Life was all right, there was always a queue behind the door, and loads of dosh around. By the time the Euro arrived Rick was already a grey loser still standing behind his bar.

And then an apprentice is appointed to him! Rick suddenly becomes a teacher! Bloody hell! This makes him think. How does life go and where did it all begin from? Rick also had grand plans. Dreams? Perhaps, who knows. He had a wife and even a few friends. Back when Smokie was hot.

The apprentice is a kind kid who knows nothing about life, and has great hopes. Just like Rick a long time ago. The lesson begins.

Premiere: September 14, 2015 in National Library Theatre Hall

Author and director: Mart Kivastik
Designer: Silver Vahtre
Lighting designer: Sander Põllu
Cast: Tõnu Oja (Estonian Drama Theatre) and Tiit Sukk (Estonian Drama Theatre)
Photographer: Mats Õun