HOW I ATE A DOG? ------------

The army makes a man

The rare breed of Old World swallowtails is living on Russky Island off the coast of Vladivostok. The swallowtail is listed as 'vulnerable' on the Red Data Book, hence it must be protected at all cost. Right next to these rare butterflies lies a military base and soldiers there aren´t worth even a penny. Their only task is to raise as little attention as possible and somehow survive in their three years of service.

The popular contemporary Russian writer and dramatist Yevgeni Grishkovetz served his time in the Soviet navy, but was he really on that distant island? In a place, where even the continent ends and all the officers act as aristocrats? Anyway, he wrote the play and became famous overnight in Russia.

Beloved Estonian singer and actor Lauri Saatpalu has never been in Vladivostok, but he also served in the Soviet army. Lauri has never eaten a dog, but he has a similar feeling as the character in this monodrama. He feels, that the world changed in these years. Feels… also feels something...

Premiere: October 14, 2015 in National Library Theatre Hall

Photographer: Siim Vahur

Author: Yevgeni Grishkovetz
Translator: Jaan Ross
Director: Margo Teder
Lighting designer: Triin Hook
Designer: Pille Kose
Performer: Lauri Saatpalu
Photographer: Siim Vahur