Sometimes there is no exit, but merely an entrance.

Katariina Unt:

I was very close to my sister at the time. We sat on a park bench and waited for mum to die. It must have been quite warm outside because we sat there for hours. Mum was sleeping already for the second day in a row, she hadn't left her room in all that time. We called her Malle the Dragon. There was a Russian cartoon about a dragon and his last bride, I liked it a lot. I was 'the last victim' of Malle the Dragon. I was the youngest child, hence the last one to remain at home to finish school and to stay in the grip of Malle the Dragon. This name used to amuse my sister and me. We used to giggle behind mum's back, we did it often, especially late at night when mum was trying to fall asleep with the help of sleeping pills. We had these uncontrollable hysterical laughter fits, and in this way we played on our sick mum's nerves even more. She even threw us out a few times. And I lived with my granddad for a while.

We sat in a park and waited for mum to die. It was bleak. We wished for her death. Then IT would end. We just wanted IT to end. At any price. Mum lives. My sister hasn't been in contact with neither me nor mum for seven or eight years now. Not sure any more. And I can't help but wonder how a person learns to love...

Williams calls "The Glass Menagerie" a memory play. One definition of being a human could be 'I remember, therefore I am'. Our memories create our present, everyday, they create time and space, our memories revive our creativity. Memories give back our pain. And our peace.

A young man called Tom revives a moment before his tragic departure from home. About when he leaves his mother and sister behind. It is the Great Depression in the 1930's in Saint Louis, USA. Meanwhile the Spanish Civil war is taking place.

Premiere: October 28, 2015 in National Library Theatre Hall

Author: Tennessee Williams
Translator: Jaak Rähesoo
Director and sound designer: Katariina Unt
Production dramaturg: Siret Paju
Designer: Pille Jänes
Lightning designer: Sander Põllu
Cast: Katariina Unt, Ester Kuntu, Karl Laumets (Teater Vanemuine), Risto Vaidla
Photographer: Siim Vahur