WEB DEMON --------------

A journey into the hidden web

A 14-year-old girl vanishes from in front of her computer. A web detective makes it his mission to find her. The detective himself is a serious and cynical old school man who despite all warnings wants to solve this mystery.

Unfortunately the web is not what it used to be back in the good old days - the world has become larger, shinier, and faster. The detective is not comfortable with all of that. In addition to the regular web another one has appeared - the dark web. All leads bring the detective precisely towards that ominous world. In order to save the girl he must dive to the deepest layers of the dark web.

In 2014 Margo Teder directed "Born Online" where he began his research about the virtual reality. "Web Demon" leaves the human world behind and digs deep into the internet where anonymous judges, trolls, spiders and apparently also a demon delve. The production is created as part of the international project Platform Shift+, and the target audience age is 14 years and older

Please note: English will be spoken in parts of this production

Target group: 14+

Premiere: January 27, 2016
Author: Mihkel Seeder
Director: Margo Teder
Designer: Pille Kose
Light designer: Triin Hook
Musical designer: Ago Soots
Video: Sander Põldsaar
Photographer: Siim Vahur
Cast: Tanel Saar, Elina Reinold, Liis Pokinen and Ago Soots