MISTER GREEN -----------

A visual adventure for children about the forest

Thankfully still some of the land is covered with forest, but the humans don´t feel comfortable there anymore. The modern man feels lost and afraid between the trees. He doesn´t notice the silent activities of plants or see, what an amazing network – a World Wide Wood – the forest has created for itself. If he only could be able to do that!

Marco, the hero of our story, has to learn these tricks quickly, because he gets lost in a forest and is forced to spend the night there. He only managed to grab two things from his home: his favorite pot plant and an almost empty phone. He understands, that he needs stronger allies to survive this adventure. But how to convince the trees to help him? Is it possible to understand and speak the language of plants? And can he even be sure, that the trees don´t see him as an unpleasant intruder?

The director Helen Rekkor creates a visually enchanting environment, where Marco´s digital world collides with the magical realism of the forest. It´s going to be a wild ride!

Premiere: March 29, 2017 in National Library Theatre Hall

The production is created as part of the international project Platform Shift+ in co-operation between Teatro Elsinor (Italy) and VAT Teater.

Target group: 9+

Authors of the idea and dramaturgs: Mihkel Seeder and Giuditta Mingucci (Teatro Elsinor, Italy)
Director: Helen Rekkor (Misanzen)
Designer: Annamaria Cattaneo (Teatro Elsinor, Italy)
Video designer: Henry Griin
Composer: Ardo Ran Varres
Actor: Rauno Kaibiainen (Improtheatre IMPEERIUM)
Photographer: Siim Vahur