Reading of new youth plays created in the framework of Platform 11+ takes place on October 25 at 19.30 in National Library Theatre Hall. Entrance is free!

Extracts from the following plays will be read:

1. „Stay here“, Argentina by Luz Rodríguez Urquiza.
This is a story of a 13 year-old boy, a 14 year-old girl and their friendship. How it forms, develops and becomes interrupted by adults.

2. “Help”, Estonia-Hungary byAare Toikka and Péter Horváth. 
Two young people - a boy and a girl - find themselves in extreme conditions. They are away from secure environment and there are no certainties about the future.

3. „Mňa kedys´“ - “Once it hid me”, Slovakia by Michaela Zakuťanská.

14 year-old classmates who meet at school, after school on the estate, and at home. This is a site-specific production that is not written for stage but devised for a regular secondary school classroom. The audience - pupils -  experience the story by following the actors around the school.

4. „TEĎ 55 31 13 já“ - “NOW 55 31 13 me”, Czech Republic.

The aim in writing this play was to create a platform for a meeting for those who passed adolescence and those who are currently in that phase of their lives. It is based on real experiences, situations and reflections on them. The fictitious part of the text brings all the action into one day, at the end of which the five children have become five adults. The search for the moment of change, that mysterious moment of ‘now’ is not only the leitmotif of the play, but also poses the question if the beginning and end of puberty can be defined at all.

5. “The Mystery of Jack and The Clones of Chaos“ from United Kingdom by Richard Hurford.
This is a story about Jack, a 13 year-old boy who believes his life is being taken over by alien clones of himself.  The clones look and sound just like him, but behave in ways he never would.