P11+ ACTIVITIES IN 2010-2011


From April 2010 to April 2011, four groups of young people have been involved in the Platform 11+ activities: VAT Theater Forum Group, theatre class of the Tallinn 32th Secondary School, 8th grade of Tallinn Old Town Educational College, and 5th grade of Merivälja School. Read here about the previous activity period.

In May 2010, a meeting of three groups took place – as one party, actors of the VAT Theatre, the director, the stage designer, and others that are involved in the play "Paperclip Belt" Platfrom 11+ first year play from Estonia), as second party, the theatre grade of the 32rd Secondary School that had played the "Paperclip Belt" under the direction of Margo Teder this spring. As the third party, the VAT Theatre Forum Group took part that was working on the same material and had created a forum play based on it.

In October 2010, VAT Theatre organised a Platform 11+ youth exchange called „Shared Stories from Schoolyards” in the Estonian National Library.


40 young people from four states (Estonia, Great Britain, Slovakia and Czech Republic) participated in the big event and took part in the creative week during which many developing and great workshops and activities were organised. Every day had its own name and activities, the general subject was "Text". From Estonia, young people from the VAT Theatre Forum Group and the 32nd Secondary School took part. The highlight of the week was the play "Handbook of your life" in the Estonian National Library (directed by Siret Paju and Arjunan Manuelpillai). Within the week, reading of new youth plays, Play Fair, took place. Also, an exhibition of comics under the title "I like...“  was organised in the foyer of the Estonian National Library. Before the youth exchange, all participants created a comic about themselves (by using the i-net programme Comic Life) presenting phenomena in life that they like. All comics were bound in a single book and distributed to the participants so that it became a creative way of getting known to each other. A DVD was produced of the exchange that is available by writing to VAT Theatre: mariliis[at]vatteater.ee. DVD has been made for the participants, but teachers, youth workers and other people interested in e.g. organising creative youth exchanges may us it as a source of inspiration. View a selection of photos from the youth exchange here.


The VAT Theatre Forum Group is related to all other three Platform 11+ youth groups from Estonia. In spring 2010, we developed another forum story based on the play „Paperclip Belt“. Cooperation with the stage designer Inga Vares was continued. A new educative forum work shop was created at VAT Theatre that the schools can invite starting from autumn 2010 after visiting the „Paperclip Belt“. See: http://www.vatteater.ee/en/opetajale/5/opportunities-for-teachers.html

Starting from autumn 2010, we have a new Platform 11+ dramatist - Kristiina Jalasto - who has successfully cooperated with the forum group. One of the objectives in autumn 2010 was to use forum theatre as a research method to find material for the new play. For this purpose, workshops with the students of the 8th grade of the Old Town Educational College were organised. As there are boys and girls classes in this school, the workshops gave an opportunity to get to known to each other. Creative meetings with the 8th grade of this school were organised with the aim to handle various subjects and tasks related to the new play being produced - „Salto mortale“ (in the second Platform 11+ year, two countries are writing a play together and the dramatists of this play, the so-called binational production, are Kristiina Jalasto from Estonia and Mickaela Zakutansa from Slovakia). The activities were: writing essays on the topics handled in the play, participating in a forum play that was based on the conflict "Sister and Brother" between the main characters in the play, and reading the play. See photos of the forum play and reading the play. The play "Salto mortale" already had its premiere in Slovakia in spring 2011 and will be staged in VAT Theatre in autumn 2011.

In autumn 2011, the same class participated in creating another two creative tasks. One of them was given by Kristiina Jalasto. Namely, young people had two weeks to create four videos on subjects that are related to today's students. The aim of these videos was to do a research and find inspiring material for the dramatist for the play produced in the third project year. These pieces of ideas were taken by the dramatist to the big Platform 11+ event in Dresden in June.

As a second creative work, young people filmed during a period of two weeks places in Tallinn that were important for them and that they thought are important for young people. As a result, a VIDEO was created representing Estonian young people at the exhibition organised at the meeting in Dresden. At the exhibition, all works (videos, pictures and other artistic expressions) created by the young people from partner countries on the same subject were represented. View the video of Estonian young people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEqdgj8xSoM

In addition to the youth exchange, the second group - theatre class of the Tallinn 32nd Secondary School - took part in the three art workshops by Inga Vares. The aim was to create an artwork that could be sent as a present from Estonian young people to another Platform 11+ partner country. Inga used different approaches to the character work in workshops, during which young people researched subjects related to particular characters and themselves. As a result, a puzzle of schoolyard characters was created. The present was handed over to Norwegian young people in spring 2011. Puzzle_meisterdamise_foto

Our newest cooperation partner is our third group - students of the 5th grade of the Merivälja School. In spring 2011, workshops were organised with this class related to the other Estonian cooperation (binational) production - the play "Help!“ (dramatist from Estonia Aare Toikka and from Hungary Peter Horvath). Three meetings took place: an open rehearsal and playing scenes in a classroom where children met the actors Marilyn Jurman and Meelis Põdersoo, the director Margo Teder, the stage designer Inga Vares, the educator Mari-Liis Velberg; forum theatre games and playing scenes from the play together with educator and the stage designer; artistic activities related to the activities of the play together with the stage designer. Additionally, children visited the checking performance and told the director their ideas about what they saw. After the performance, they wrote feedback.

View photos about workshops here.

It is great that there are connections and added values between groups. As a new initiative, Anne-Liis Rips, a member of the VAT Theatre Forum Group, started creating a new forum theatre group at the Estonian Union for Child Welfare. A big portion of the new group is formed by the students of the 8th grade of the Old Town Educational College that were inspired by the play at their school and wanted to do it by themselves.

See more about the theatre cooperation project Platform 11+: http://www.platform11plus.eu/ and http://platform11plus.ning.com/. More information on activities with young people: mariliis[at]vatteater.ee.