Youth encounter „A Bit of Me – My digital identity”

Youth Encounter A Bit of Me – My Digital Identity in VAT Theatre 1 - 8 of April 2017

The youth exchange was organised by the cooperation project Platform Shift+ that connects 11 partners from 9 European countries. That network has been created to mutually explore and undertake challenges that the digital age creates for youngsters as well as the theatre.
The theatres that are collaborating on this project have a main focus to include the target audience in the theatre processes. This helps them to create plays that are current, relevant and meaningful to that audience. Cooperation with the audience holds an important role in this project which is why the youngsters are in the middle of many activities.

One expression of this goal is the youth exchange.
At the youth exchange A Bit of Me - My Digital Identity with VAT Theatre there were youngsters from Great Britain, Germany and Norway. They spent a week defining digital developments and theatre.
During the youth exchange, the participants visited other theatres (Cabaret Rhizome) and schools (Lilleküla Gymnasium, TalTech, Mektory Innovation and Business Centre).
The subheading of the youth exchange was: “Playfully meeting of digital opportunities in the future of young people”.
Together everyone attempted to find expressions to various topics: the digital identity of young people, Internet addiction, social media as a means of manipulation, theatre and digital opportunities. We explored how the digital world and the choices there influence us, how important is the sense of responsibility, taking initiative and learning.
The participants held a conference Creative Forum at the end of the week and summarised everything they learned in a creative way.

More reading on the Youth Encounters with Platform Shift+ here: The project was sponsored by Erasmus+.

The international conference Creative Forum on the digital world took place in Tallinn on 7th and 8th of April.
The same week, VAT Theatre organised another important event with Platform Shift+ project. On the 7th and 8th of April, Creative Forum with a subheading “Big Data-Targeting Democracy” was held in collaboration with TalTech and National Library of Estonia.

Presentations in the style of TED-talks were given by local as well as international experts to discuss how culture and theatre can react to the increasingly manipulative social media. Everyone was invited to the free-of-charge lectures at TalTech and the National Library. Especially welcome were the students, teachers and enthusiasts of IT and theatre who are interested in the opportunities to connect the two fields.
The conference was in English without translation.

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