CREATIVE FORUM ''Big Data – Targeting Democracy''

VAT Theatre is creating a conference Creative Forum with a subheading “Big Data-Targeting Democracy” in collaboration with TalTech and The National Library of Estonia for the Platform Shift+ project. Creative Forum will take place in Tallinn and is the third conference focusing on the topic “Big Data – Targeting Democracy”.

Everyone is invited to the lectures and afterwards to the conversations and discussions held at TalTech and the National Library of Estonia. Especially welcome are students, teachers and enthusiasts of IT and theatre who are interested in the opportunities to connect the two fields.

The lectures are in the format of TED-talks and the presentations will be given by both local and international experts. Theatre representatives from all over Europe will be discussing how culture and theatre can react to the increasingly manipulative social media.


Jørgen Callesen (Denmark), WH9 Copenhagen
Smart Sculpture

Marian Ursu (UK), Digital Creativity Lab
Interactive Narratives

Loore Martma (Estonia)
The anatomy of collaboration

Jürgo Preden (Estonia)
Smartdust – Future Visions

Discussion group: “Big data and the digital coup”
moderates Henrik Roonemaa (Estonia)

Hannes Grassegger (Switzerland)
I have only shown that there is a bomb“ – Facebook analysis and the campaign of Donald Trump

Kalev Pihl (Estonia)
Big data – so what!

Dirk Emmerich (Germany)
Use of social media in the Arabic spring and Islamic State

Platform Shift+ is a network of theatres all over Europe that was created with the goal to offer new theatre productions to the young audiences especially sticking to the themes of the ever-changing digital age. Partners from nine European theatres have thoroughly researched the topic of the digital age in their own countries as well as on an international level. The consensus is that the need to expand the knowledge of topics related to digital technologies is acutely present in order to understand their target audience - the youths.
In order to support the youngsters and the professionality of the creators of theatre projects, there will be many different events happening within this project. The theatres involved in the project think it highly important to include the target audience in the processes of theatre.

Every year, Platform Shift+ organises large-scale international meetings on the topics of the digital age with TED-talk format lectures, discussions and workshops. The goal is to explore the new developments of digital technologies in culture and more broadly in the modern civilisation. Creative Forum will focus on different aspects of theatre and technologies and will explore those topics from innovative points of view.

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