Project "Neighbours"

The Neighbours project will breathe life into ten young adult and children’s plays.

In June, playwrights Kristiina Jalasto and Mihkel Seeder participated in a three-day workshop that was the first stage of the international playwright project called “Neighbours”.
Playwrights from Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia introduced the young adult and children’s theatre of their native countries with a focus on prejudices, taboos and the untouched topics. The authors came to the conclusion that even though the distance between the countries is minuscule, there is an unfortunate lack of representation of each other’s plays.                            

The plays that will be created within this project will travel through many countries. The next meeting for the playwrights will take place in October in Tallinn where the authors will present each other with feedback and the whole project will culminate at the beginning of 2020 in Lithuania where the texts will be presented to the public.