PLATFORM 11+ is a network of 13 theatres from 12 European countries that collaborate with local cultural organisations, universities and schools.
The focus of the network is 11-15 year old teens. Even though engagement with art is invaluable for the formation of values, personality and worldview for young people this age, currently there are only limited opportunities for youth to take part of cultural activities. PLATFORM 11+ strives to fill this gap with a long-lasting effect and to create maximal synergies between the partners.

The starting point for all artistic activities in this project is the school yard – an ideal location for inspiration and research. As the centre of life experiences, the schoolyard determines the identity of the target group and reflects conflicts in the society at large. The school yard can also be seen as a multicultural and social microcosm of the different countries. Alongside with the work of the professionals, non-professional art processes with an intensive long-term integration of young people into the project will be developed.

After four years’ work, PLATFORM 11+ aims to present a many-layered (self-)portrait of a young European generation, whose presence at the beginning of the 21st century is reflected in more than 30 new plays, 50 interdisciplinary productions and theatre events, 40 visual art works and in a European database including all plays for the target audience of young people.

The lead organisation of this artistic network is Brageteatret in Drammen/Norway, which collaborates with the initiator of the project, Dirk Neldner/Germany.

In cooperation with ATINA and ASSITEJ of Argentina, PLATFORM 11+ will also continue in several countries of South America.

You may read activities of VAT Theater and platform 11+ in spring 2010 to spring 2011 here!
Platform 11+ webpage is here and Forum is here!