The festival was organised by VAT Theatre and Lille Maja, it was supported by Estonian Cultural Capital and Tampere House.

Workshops on street theatre and forum theatre took place over two intense days. These were facilitated by Jouni Piekkari and Micke Renlund. Together with the groups they explored the topic ‘call of dreams’ and played through forum theatre stories.

VAT Theatre Forum Group, among others, shared their story that was created in spring 2010. Forum performers: Anete Pelmas (Maarja), Erika Sall (Kaiti), Mihkel Vaim (Joosep-Joonas) and Nikolai Kunitsõn (Kalle). Joker: Mari-Liis Velberg.

The festival ended with collaborative performances that took place in the centre of Tartu where everyone interested was able to come and see a street performance and two forum stories.

More information about the festival (in Estonian): http://www.tartupostimees.ee/?id=272952 


http://public.fotki.com/PoMerlin/kik-mis-snnib-laval/fooooooorum/ (Merlin Ponna)
http://public.fotki.com/23juuli/festival/ (Erika Sall)
http://public.fotki.com/etena/ftf-ii-unistuskutse/ (Anete Pelmas)
http://picasaweb.google.com/anastassia.semjonova/UNISTUSKUTSE# (Anastassia Semjonova)

We hope that this festival will become a tradition and that next year even more groups will participate to celebrate the method of forum theatre and to learn together.