The home stage of VAT Theatre is National Library´s theatre hall. It is a unique and intimate space. Regular evening performances take place for adult audiences, there is also a remarkable repertoire for children and youth, productions which have been successfully performed in Estonia homeland and beyond. The main emphasis in the programme is on Estonian plays.

History of the theatre hall

In 1993 the National Library building was opened and an exciting theatre space was planned into the building. However, lack of funding prevented this project from becoming reality. The National Library, VAT Theatre and Theatre Varius decided to collaborate, find sponsors and execute the building of the theatre hall.
The construction and sponsoring the hall was supported by Estonian Cultural Ministry, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Tallinn Office of Culture, National Library and VAT Theatre.

National Library theatre hall opened its doors on the 5th of October 2001with the premiere of German playwright Falk Richter’s “God is a DJ”. This was a co-production between VAT Theatre and Goethe Institute, and it was directed by Christian Römer from Germany. The performers were Margo Teder and Elgitha Zeno, musical designer Raul Saaremets, stage designers Karmo Mende and Mare Kõrtsini.

You can find the theatre hall when you enter the main building, turn left and walk up to the cafeteria. Straight ahead is a door leading to the theatre.

Please leave your overcoats to the wardrobe on the ground level.